Chocolate Factory

Our cacao beans are sourced from 3 different cacao producing regions within Peru.

The journey starts with when our farmers (who sometimes form communal cooperatives pick, ferment, dry, and ship us high quality, well fermented, certified ourganic Peruvian cacao beans.


Our cacao processing facility and chocolate production factory is located within the district of Santiago de Surco Peru where we produce certified organic Peruvian cacao. 

We operate a Nut Free, Allergen Free, Dairy Free, GMO Free, Kosher, Organic chocolate factory where we supply bulk cacao derivatives and chocolate in both bulk and private label. 

We can produce chocolate in a variety of different formats, with a variety of different sweetener and cacao butter options for your production of our chocolate.  

 Our high quality bean selection process allows us to continue to produce outstanding tasting chocolate!


Nuestra fábrica produce cacao y chocoalte peruano orgánico certificado.